Increasing salaries for skilled workers across the board

Salaries are steadily increasing across the board because of the decreasing availability of candidates there are for jobs, according to the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation report on jobs.

Fewer Candidates on the job market

The report states that 37.7% of employers have fewer candidates available to choose from than they did in previous months. This is the cause of increasing average salaries since January of 2014. The average salary is expected to continue rising above inflation for the first time in six years, and is expected to grow by 1.7% this year.

With fewer suitable candidates, employers are having to be more flexible with their approach to hiring by understanding that recruitment can take longer than usual. This is where recruitment agencies come in. With increasing salaries across the board, Aspire Cambridge can help find the best available candidates for every position.

Increase in Company Training

There is also an increase in the amount of employers having to accept candidates who do not fit the exact criteria initially and having to train them to perform their role effectively. Employers are no longer throwing away CVs from those who are new to the market and are actively searching for ‘trainable talent’. This means that if a candidate fits the criteria for a job, they can demand a higher salary, as the company will save money on training costs in the long term. Some companies are showing an unwillingness to hire because of the lack of skilled and qualified candidates in the UK at the moment.

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