Aspire Cambridge’s recruitment division continues to expand, both locally and internationally. Having already made international recruitment placements in Europe and the UAE, we have know successfully made our first placement in the United States.

Under the leadership of Kayleigh Beeton CertRP, Head of Recruitment at Aspire Cambridge, we have successfully placed a Project Manager (Software) in Chicago, Illinois.


“Recruit internationally means to meet the success factors of each national market.” – Kayleigh Beeton CertRP.

Kayleigh receives congratulations from the team on making the Chicago placement for a global, Cambridge based software company.

With a strong base in Cambridge (UK); we have flown globally to meet both clients and candidates and have experience placing and re-locating candidates both locally and internationally. We recognise the importance of finding high calibre, talented candidates which must reach the expectations of multi-national organisations.

What is international recruitment?

International recruitment refers to the process of cross-border, regional or international recruitment strategies which are designed to attract outstanding candidates to our vacancies. Often a specialist role, factors we consider when making an international candidate search include client size, company culture and the logistics.

If you have a specific role that you are looking to recruit for, give our recruitment team a call on 01223 855440.