Linda v4

We’ve received some bad news this week that Linda is unable to go to MONA. This is a result of Linda’s health check; she tested positive for Hepatitis B.

This means that she is not able to join MONA, as the facilities are not prepared nor has the permits to host animals with infectious diseases. Although disappointing news that Linda won’t be joining the MONA family group, it is not all bad news.

After learning the bad news, MONA contacted Stichting AAP, a Dutch organization that specialises in uniquely prepared facilities to offer chimpanzees that are retired from laboratories with infectious diseases a home for life. They have given MONA the good news that they can take Linda in and give her the second chance she so much deserves! 

Both organizations are part of the European Alliance of Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries (EARS) and this is not the first time Stichting AAP and MONA are working together. In 2007 they took in a chimpanzee called Julio, who was a carrier for the Hepatitis B virus. Our Managing Director Kelly Haston was volunteering there at the time Stichting AAP picked up Julio, and he is now living a happy life within a group of chimps that are in his same condition.

Therefore, in the end this is a positive and fortunate outcome, but not quite a conclusion – AAP still need the support to have everything ready to rescue Linda.

 MONA will still be running the Fundraising Dinner in London on April 26th, with all the donations made on the night and in the run up going towards the rescue and care of Linda – as she will be transferred from MONA to Stichting AAP.

“We would like to say thank you again for your economic support to help Linda on this process and we will keep you updated.” – Lorraine Docherty, MONA Foundation