The average HR salary for HR professionals is to increase by up to 10% in 2014, according to the Robert Walters Salary Survey. Demand for professional HR services are increasingly high as companies are investing in their HR departments more from previous years. Furthermore, these trends are set to continue, as employers look to restructure and develop their reward packages.

The average HR salary for HR professionals in the financial sector is particularly high. The survey also suggests that the average HR salary for directors in this sector (based in London) can expect to see their pay rise in 2014 to £220,000. This is an increase of £20,000 from the previous year. The highest proportion of average HR salary increases for HR professionals was in the Midlands, where HR salaries increased by £30,000 in some cases.

Download the Robert Walters Salary Survey here.

The report clearly suggests that companies across industries and ranging in size are giving more focus to developing Human Resources in their organisation.

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