Employment laws of 2013 are being changed and updated, and it’s important that both employers and employees stays up to date with developments.

We’ve put together a brief summary list of some of the expected changes to be made to Employment Law in 2014.

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  • From January 2014: pensions auto-enrollment, immigration from Bulgaria and Romania and transfer of undertakings reform
  • Regulation freeze will continue and be extended to businesses with fewer than 50 employees.
  • The right to request flexible working for all employees (with 26 weeks service).
  • A new employment allowance under the National Insurance Contributions Bill.
  • An increased financial penalty of £5000 for employers found by the employment tribunals to have been in breach of an employee’s employment rights.
  • Increased rates and thresholds for payments such as statutory sick pay (SPP) and statutory maternity pay (SMP).
  • From October, an increase in the National Minimum Wage.


Make sure you keep well up to date with the latest employment law updates, as employers are becoming increasingly punished for a lack of knowledge regarding employee’s rights.

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