Aspire Cambridge completed the REC Compliance Test this morning and passed with “an excellent score” of 98%.

Kelly Farebrother, Compliance Executive at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), gave Aspire Cambridge a glowing report stating “we had done extremely well” and we had passed the test with “an excellent score”. The REC Compliance Test was carried out by our recruitment consultant Sam Beasley, who completed the test on behalf of Aspire Cambridge in London this morning.

We are extremely pleased with the result, which highlights our continuation of being a leading recruitment provider in terms of quality, excellency and high industry standards.

What is the REC Compliance Test and why is it a big deal?

Aspire Cambridge is an REC Member

The REC introduced the online compliance test to assess an agency’s knowledge of relevant recruitment industry legislation and the REC Code of Professional Practice (REC Code). By passing the test, the REC can determine whether existing REC members can renew and retain their membership. Needless to say, Aspire Cambridge will be retaining REC member status.

Having REC Member status highlights us as being a recruitment agency that adheres and works to high industry standards – excelling at delivering high quality recruitment solutions.

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