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Why work with an outsourced hr consultancy?

Outsourcing your human resource needs is becoming a common business strategy and are proving to be a valuable tool for business of all sizes. It is becoming more and more popular for businesses that do not have the resource or demand for a full-time or in-house human resource department but need access to expert advice and support.

If you select an outsourced human resource option for your business, it can help you through the ever changing minefield of legislation, guide you through the complexities of employment law, assist you on human resource issues that arise, help business growth, and improve profitability.

Choose the right outsourced HR consultancy

When looking to choose an outsourced human resource consultancy to work with, it is important that you do your research and select a consultancy that will offer you the expertise and knowledge, but it is also important that they are accredited.

  • Search for consultants that are CIPD accredited and have CIPD memberships
  • Look for a consultancy who specialise in your sector
  • Identify the issues/s that need to be addressed and look for a consultant who has experience in these areas

what you should expect from your hr consultancy

  • Bespoke and flexible hr support and services
  • Comprehensive advice on a wide range of hr areas
  • Tailored training solutions to meet the needs of your business
  • Fresh approach that offer balanced opinions and brings new ideas

why it’s important to work with a CIPD accredited hr professional

  • Professional memberships show creditability, certifying the members professionalism and commitment to best practice
  • Members have access to the latest thinking, practices and knowledge in human resources and will deliver you the highest standards of best practice
  • Every CIPD member must follow to the code of professional conduct which sets the standard of professional behaviour

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Workplace best practice

  • Front line managers need to be consistent, fair and flexible about the way they treat their employees
  • Employee engagement is key in making employees happier, more motivated and more productive in the workplace
  • Performance management should be fair and based on merit to all employees
  • Managing change is all about planning ahead, communication, staying up-to-date with employment law and any legislation changes
  • Health and wellness in the work place is the responsibility of both the employer and employee and to actively make positive steps for a healthy work / life balance
  • Social media is widely used, so make sure there’s a policy in place
  • Religious festivals and holy days, employers are not legally required to grant requests for leave on religious grounds however some flexibility can improve employee morale
  • Managing absence effectively and put a policy in place to show trends and how much time has been lost as this will help managers deal with these issues in a fair way

Resolve workplace disputes and problems

  • Discipline is the first step with employees to be given the facts, allowed to put their response forward, be accompanied at any formal disciplinary meeting and allowed to appeal against any formal decision made
  • Dismissing employees is considered a last resort and employers should carry out the correct investigations and should be a fair and consistent procedure when dismissing an employee
  • Carry out investigations in the workplace to collect facts, document and look at all the evidence before presenting the outcomes

Need further advice, visit the acas website for more details.

Rights and responsibilities at work

Every business has a responsibility to ensure it follows the relevant rules and regulations. If you are an employer, you must make sure you do everything by the book and show that you are being compliant.

Equally, as an employee, you should also be aware of your own responsibilities. You should make sure you know what your rights are and what your employer is accountable for.

Working hours

  • Right to breaks during working hours
  • A maximum number of hours in a working week
  • A maximum number of hours for night workers
  • Minimum breaks between shifts
  • Minimum weekly breaks
  • Right to paid holiday

Find details of the working time regulations click here.


  • Individual pay slips are an entitlement to all employees
  • Pay slips must be given on or before the pay date
  • Pay deductions such as tax or national insurance must be shown and detailed in amounts
  • Full time and part time workers must get the same rate of pay
  • Most workers are entitled to be paid the national minimum wage and national living wage

National minimum and national wage

The national minimum wage (NMW) is the minimum pay per hour that most workers are entitled to be paid by law. Worker’s age and if they are an apprentice, will alter the rate.

The national living wage was set up for all working people aged 25 and over, and is set at £7.20 per hour. The current national minimum wage for those under the age of 25 still applies.

  • Nearly all workers over school leaving age will be entitled to receive the NMW
  • The NMW / NLW rate is reviewed annually by the low pay commission
  • Employers can be taken to court by the HM Revenue and Customs (HRMC) if NMW / NLW are not paid
  • There are several exemptions to those who receive the NMW / NLW
  • The NLW is compulsory and is the rate set for people aged 25 and over nationally

To learn more, visit acas to find out more information.

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